Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mission week! God is so great!

I have just had the most awesome church service in ages!! I can't wait til August when we are having a mission week, where we can invite our friends to loads of different events. It's gonna be fab. Lately I've been a little distracted from God but today has focused my attention right back where it should be.
I feel happy today and full of enthusiasm!
Can't wait til Stu gets home from work! I miss him when he's doing these long shifts and Sunday is usually our family day but every now and then he has to work them. I hate his new shift rota because it means he works long hours and the kids don't get to see him much. Hopefully when he qualifies that will all be behind us.
Anyway better go my assignment wont write itself!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Stuart would like to thnak you for my/his anniversary present Paula!
I read your blog Charlie am shocked that such language could come from you! I'm a bit sad thou that you feel like your not a Christian lectures as its your life...but I feel sad. Paula thats another one for you!
Better go Noah is crying loads and Faith trying to climb out the window AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


She's wonderful she brought us a hamper she so cute!!!! Thank you babes, champagne, funny french things I cant spell cousants??, and real coffee, jam and maralade mmmm thanks babe that me with breakfast in bed tomorrow xxxx

3years at 3:00pm

Well folks today is our 3rd wedding anniversary, leather so I'm told, hate to think what Paula's getting me!!! (sorry that really should be us shouldn't it!??) My pal Charlie (seek link) also is great she, sent me (damm it us!) a txt, My mum remembered this year too yeah! Stu's mum is a star as usual and dinner tonight is on her. I can't believe I'm 27, been married for 3years, have two beautiful kids and a mortgage!!! It used to make me feel old! but now I just feel happy, loved and where I wanna be right now. So in all my course is going well, as is Stu's (he's training to be a lawyer, yeah soon we will be loaded, no more value food for us, yippee!) so our 5 year plan is going great so far.....
There's only two things wrong with my life first my Dad's not here and second my Nan's not here either. But I still have my fantastic Mum, my fabo best mates Paula and Charlie, a great husband, my wonderful kids and God. So life isn't that bad after all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mine now have titles, yey Paula

randomness yey!

Also just bought vast quantities of condoms ....not all for me like!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Silly silly girl!!!!

3 Years!

On wed 21st June, Stu and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversery! I'm amazed at how much has happened in the space of those 3 years. My Dad, my Nan, our cat, our baby and my Gall stones, all gone in such a short space of time. Two beauiful children and three years later here we are still in love, still together. I never thought this would ever happen to me but yey it did.

So this post is for Stu, thanks for putting up with me and all me moods, and pregnancy's (bet your glad to have your sexy lady back!) I look forward to many more years together. I love you loads big x's

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy endings??? and randomness!!!

I've recently found myself questioning if I believe in the happily ever after. Do we like Cinderella find a Prince Charming and ride off in to the distance? Do we always have to look wonderful, without a hair out of place like so many celb's would lead us to believe? Or can we be happy with what the world would class as 2nd best or whatever you can get?

My thoughts are confused on the issue, as to what is perfection?? Does it need to be prefect for us to be happy? From my experiences, all relationships take work and effort... some days more than others... but if you have found someone who still loves when you are at your worst surely thats better than having a Brad Pitt look a like, who couldn't give a damm about you or how you feel.

When I was little all I wanted to do was to become a teacher, get married, have kids and be happy. But life isn't like disney would lead us to believe, you can't always be happy and I believe that its ok to feel sad and cry. Its ok when life isn't fabulous and everything isn't rosy. Life takes work just like any relationship.
I've been depressed and hopefully am comming out the other side now. So my conlusion is that happily ever after does work, just not like the movies and fairy tales make out it does. For some maybe they are lucky enough to have it all but for most of us, we should just learn to be content with what life has dealt us.
Look for the beauty around us like, our children, the natural world and our families. God has given us so much to be thankful for. I need to try and remember this!

Oh and for most, pregnancy makes us fat and hormonal, and our children make us tried and stressed, but its all worth it! My children are such a blessing, as is my husband (most days!).

Paula's comment on losing weight should be that she has none to lose in the first place! Mine is going well over a stone off now since Noah, slower than with Faith but I quiet sure that had a lot to do with the Gall stones and countless trips to A&E, throwing up, Morphine, and Pain... or that should be the Pain first then the Morphine...

Today is Father days so this post is dedicated to my Dad, who as you will know from previous posts is not here in this life anymore, here's to you Dad, I miss you and your the greatest!
To everyone else please don't take your parents for granted one day they wont be there anymore....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well the mad ozzie returner doesn't think so but I am sooooo hot. We all ran for shelter under the shade at sundays BBQ at the great Charlie's house but miss Oz stayed in the sun til she realised she was billy no mates. So she came inside too.

Anyway she's moaning about her job and the fact that she can't sit and drink tea with me anymore...which granted is a shame but at least she's earning now. I have offered to swap places but she's having none of it. I am surprised as she is sooo good with my kids. Watch out Alex she'll be after her own soon! (Paula no need to comment here I'll do it for you....Hell will freeze over before that happens...or along those lines)

Well best by off have a table and chairs to shop give in so easy when they want something...or you have something they want....

Friday, June 09, 2006

I won!!!!

I got the bouncy castle for Faith and spent a whole morning blowing it up with a hand pump!!! But it was soooo worth it just to see her face.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


After months in fact years of being a baby/milk machine at last I am finally beginning to feel human again and resume my life as "normal". I think my husband is glad to have his wife back too. Although I love being a mum it does put an end to being yourself for a while. You become this whole other person and will remain that way until you die so I'm led to believe... they don't tell you that in all the baby manual's... if they ever make a manuel true to life, I think people would stop reproducing!!!

Anyway now my bestest bud is back I can look forward to nights out having fun again, that is when she is up and running again, Paula if your reading this get fixed so we can dance without you breaking he he big xxxx's

I will try my hardest not to let the fun I have with Paula and Charlie end up with baby number 3. As every time I let them take me out bad things happen. Well my children are not bad, but I would like to enjoy the ones I've got and enjoy being me for a while. So Stu if your reading this don't let me seduce you!

I am so far passing my new course and my degree is on track, have even applied to become a registered child minder, for next year so looking forward to that and my new kitchen yeah! Also have just managed to convince Stu to let me have new BBQ and table and chairs set with huge parasol for the summer, summer evenings here we come can't wait! Also will try talking him into (stu don't read this bit) new play house for Faith and Noah and a bouncy castle and ball pool for Faiths birthday in July! Will have to be nice to him for a while I think before he caves in hmmm (Paula stop reading it'll gross you out or is it too late for that???)

Anyway enough random withering will let you know if I get my own way.... normally do when its something for the kids have to work harder if its something for me......

I don't mind really cause as of now it official THE SEXY LADY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!