Friday, August 25, 2006


Every body needs to go to the consumer action group to reclaim their unfair bank charges! Go Go now!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Phone is better than camera!

Stu's new phone takes better pictures than our digital! So I will bore you with more annoying photos! This picture isn't as clear as the rest but its my favorite!
We have also just purchased a wonderful camcorder which you film straight on to dvd its great!

Oh I'm worse than Bob for little gaggits at the moment!

Short and sweet today as I am about to go downstairs and play our new wrestling game on the PS2 with Stu and hand him his butt! Cause I'm soooo much better at it than he is! (probably coz I cheat by using my feminine ways but still!)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This time next week holiday at the MAD MANS HOUSE!!!!!!

Yes this time next week I will be on holiday! Can't wait! (Although will miss my dishwasher sob sob... I love it must have been a woman who invented it....anyone got any pots they want doing???) Anyway....
Hoilday... we are going to lovely John's house in the awful town Oxford... never been, but me being from Cambridgeshire, I have to hate oxford its required! (rivals in the boat race, unis etc)
well short post have to go Faith is trying to iron her pj's with her own toy iron but it means she emptying her drawers on the floor!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


This is my little man! He's so beautiful! He make me broody looking at him, until I remember how much hard work they are and how much they cost!
This is us, Stu didnt want more picture's of him! He's doing so well losing tons of weight so lets hope soon he'll brave the camera again x
And finally!.....

He's so checky! I love his little smile! He is trying to be like his sister and I love him loads. My little Noah x

Friday, August 11, 2006

Been moaned at again!!!

Its like I should have nothing else to do but sit on the net writing blogs!!! So here's my update just for Miss Bell's reading pleasure!
New kitchen is almost in YEAH! but the love of my life has not turned up yet! Its going to be another 2 weeks til it gets here! Argh so lots of hand dishwashing til then!
Anyway we're on holiday soon should be fab! Been ages since I've been on holiday being pregnant puts you off going to far anywhere! But this year I'm pregnancy free and enjoying...(well when they are not screaming!) my babes!
Noah has decided that at six months he wants to try walking!!! "I don't think so son!" my response!
The health visitor said let him get on with it. I can't have them both walking around! I need eyes in my butt as it is! Faith painted my sofa the other day good job we brought leather!!! Otherwise green and yellow wouldn't really go with my living room decor!

Anyway time for Lazytown--I think I'm getting Paula hooked!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Have nice electrician coming to do electrics for me yey! He isn't to bad on the eyes either!!! Nice plaster as well!!!
Anyway I'm feeling very left out as my friends don't comment on my blog anymore except Paula and she doesn't count! (We are so close that we are almost the same person er go she doesn't count!)
Only joking Charlie!!! It takes me ages to get round to reading blogs these days so sorry hun. xxxx Blame the kids you don't like kids anyway so no harm!
Faith even comment on your blog I was impressed.
John if you are reading this CANT WAIT til come down and see you guys, and the BBQ sounds great am soooooo loooking forward to it!!!
Must dash now have kids to put in the bath, a husband to pick up from work, washing up to do,(roll on thursday when I get a dishwasher) and LazyTown to watch! (not in that order!)