Friday, January 19, 2007


Recently signed my very single friend up to a date my mate website as a bit of a laugh! She has had like a million replies even some from married men!!!! I mean some people!!!!!

On a more possitive note I had a great day with my mate Charlie yday. If she were a guy and I was single I'd marry her she helped me so much yday.

Also I am now part of the plotting for Charlies bday which is fun to be on this side for a change!!!!

I am in much need of another trip to the house of heaven!

in no way a clue charlie! (Sorry)

Paula you know the thing well I'm doing it so get michelle to do the other wink wink :-)

going now am meant to be working!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My test results!

Personality Test Results explanation

Neuroticism 99
Extraversion 67
Openness To Experience 16
Agreeableness 50
Conscientiousness 40

Says it all really!!!


Well in the interests of saving a penny or two my friend Claire suggested I cut my own children's hair! Faith's is fine just trimmed some off the bottom. But poor Noah is BALD!!!!!!!!!

I started trimming as you do then it looked funny.... so I trimmed a bit more.... then a bit more.... and so on til, I had to get the clippers and shave it all off on a number 2!!! He looks like a convict!!! Poor little sausage. Claire thought it was very funny!

So here are the before and after pictures Noah seems unimpressed!



Thursday, January 11, 2007

7 lbs gone 60 million to go!!!!!!!

Why is it that every new year people start out with all these good intentions and plans to be fitter, silmmer, stop drinking/smoking etc but by Feb they have all gone tits up!!???

I myself am currently part of this trend, still trying to lose those baby pounds I put on when Pregnant problem is this time next month Noah will be 1!!! I will have no excuses then! Ok so between now and Feb must lose 12 stone! Well 2 would be nice.

Me and Paula minus Charlie (stupid family plans double booker you!) went for our wraps the other day being bandaged from head to foot in wrap was fun! Although you were unable to move!

I lost 10& 1/2 inches in 2 hours not bad!!!!

Why Paula needed to go I'll never know, stupid 8 stone sticklike person!

Oh and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Paula you broke your blog ha ha ha ha ha ha its because you put horrid videos of me on there and on you tube!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Why do my friends hate me!???!!!

Why are my "friends" on a mission to undone the great work they did over Christmas. They spent the whole of 22nd Dec trying to convince me I was me again and I was worth something other than just a mother, wife and cleaner.

Yet they have made me feel horrid again!

I have always been concious of my weight, and even more so since having the children. I don't have time to make myself look as presentable as I would like to look, my nice clothes are just a tad too tight so I wear big baggy clothes!

I hate pictures of me at the moment!

But my friends put horrid video's and pictures of me on their blogs.... ok Charlie yours isnt that bad! But I hate that video Paula I don't think its funny and I feel ashamed of it!

Also it was filmed at a time when I was drinking way too much and feeling depressed which you guys helped me out of that friday. But now I feel like I've moved back to square 1!

You hurt me!

I don't like that but its happened twicw now.

You two together, are mean to me!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

STUPID BROKEN PHONE!!! IN NO WAY MY FAULT ok maybe slightly my fault!

After such a great Christmas New Year sucked!!!!!

First thing to go wrong was I broke my phone!!!!!! Wont tell you by no means involved me lightly throwing it at the high chair, after it charge £1.00 to send a sodding text it didn't then send!!!!!

Second thing to go wrong was merrily watching telly waiting for Torchwood to come on when bang! The telly blew up....smoke everywhere!!!!!!!!!! (On the plus we now have an excuse for new flat screen HD ready telly he he!)

Third thing happened today!!! I broke my computer at work!!!!!!!!!!! So I threw a spaz and yelled at Paula to fix it!!!! In the end I pulled the plug out stupid thing!!!

So I am now awaiting the quote for the repair on my phone as the stupid insurance ran out on 30/12/06!!!!!!!!!!!! typical couldn't have broken it two days eariler could I NO!!

Will post Christmas photos now!