Sunday, April 30, 2006

Most terrifying experience of my life!!!!
It all started as just a concerned mother taking her 11wk old son to see health visitor, just "in case" I wasn't be one of those paranoid mothers, turns out I was right to go. She referred me to the doctors where even though my HV had rang and asked that they see me straight away I had to wait for 30mins, anyway the doctor then sent me to the hospital, by this stage my heart was in my throat! Although I was trying to be brave as my 21 mth old was with us and I thought breaking down and screaming hysterically was probably not the best course of action. So trying not to do the above, I bundled my now screaming 11wk old and very tired, grumpy 21mth old into the car and went to hospital....hope there's no policemen or women reading this as I sped along the road hitting every red traffic light there was and every roundabout had a 2 mile cue...not quiet but you know what I mean.
Anyway got to the hospital handed over letter from doctor, (stu had joined me by this point having rushed off the bus to the stop outside hospital) and to my surprise they told me the children's assessment ward was closed!!!!!! How can it be closed I asked, staff shortages came the reply. Well we were disgusted!! How can it be closed???
But they said as we had come they would try and find us a bed and see our son... very nice of them... to you know do their job... in their defense its not their fault its the government who is to blame but anyway, they took some blood. This was the most horrid thing I've ever seen they don't use a needle like they would with us they put a tube in and squeezed the blood a drop at a time from my poor sons hand, that they bent right back, he screamed so much and there was so many people round the bed he was on, I couldn't get to him only put my hand in to stroke his other hand. I thank God he was ok and they let him come home after the blood tests came back fine. My deepest empathy goes out to any parent who has a sick child in hospital. I was there for 3 long hours and they were awful. I wish kids didn't get sick it was horrid walking round the ward seeing so many. I just really pray that I will never be in that situation again.

Monday, April 24, 2006

WELL SO FAR shes not coming home!!!! Sob sob!!!
PLUS mean woman ate poor skippy or so she told said child!! I mean its one thing to eat him but to tell a child that he/she has just partaken in the worst horror story since someone told their child they had just eaten Bambi!!! IS SHOCKING!!!!
I am appalled, and will not let you near my children when you come home if you tell them stories like that they will have nightmares or not have a clue what your on about seeing as they are only 10wks and 21mths!

Monday, April 17, 2006

PAULA 's COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!
Easter was great, Faith got three eggs I "helped" her eat two of them (the other was nestle...oh cadbury's rules) I have eaten enough creme eggs to feed a small country (i'm not joking, can eat 6 in one sitting) so diet is going well not! If I was aiming to look like a creme egg diet would be fine, but as I'm aiming for greek goddess don't think I'll achieve that anytime soon. Although will have to start trying as Paula is coming home and will want to go out partying so must be able to a) keep up with her on dance floor b) TRY to look as good as her (so thin and gorgeous humm....) and c) have enough cash to go out so not spend it on creme eggs (mental note to self :resist creme eggs)
Anyway have to find pic of hubby as his mate wants to laugh at him will take some today and post in the future.
Laters...(so stolen)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just another quick note to say I love my friend Charlie she's fab!!! and Paula come home SOON I need big hugs!!!I miss tea and random rantings over Harry Potter and huge plot discrepancies in Lord of the Rings PLEASE PLEASE don't stay in Oz forever they don't deserve you plus I need my Paula fix am almost detoxed!!!
Another note.....
Run and hide!!!!
THEY TRIED TO EAT MY SON!!!! (spider on blanket in his cot!!!)
Help! we must start a campain to stop them before its too late......before we are all cocooned and have our juices sucked from our hanging corpses!! See link the spiders are coming for orginal story

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just a quickie! to add to previous post have been told to comment on the band YFriday we went to see. My husband knows one of the lads so well that he used to play transformers with him--he had the better ones... only child .. no comment... plus hubby's were always broke as he didnt take care of them.....anyway we remember when they were a small group playing at Ninth hour, Crusible, and other small church events... but when we got to the room where they were playing we being VIP's thought we'd get in first and be able to talk to our mates before hand but oh no we were told to que!!! never qued in life to see them or maybe once in Harltepool!!.. anyway not only that but they had bouncers!!! to proctect them from what I'm not quiet sure its not like Queen was on stage! And Gav's(our mate) no Robbie Williams!!!! How fame can be such a pull on normal life feels so sorry for Gav not! mind maybe the bouncer were to stop his fan club.. all about 12... from rushing the stage we will never know. Talked to him afterwards through the mass of screaming girls for autographs etc..

P.S I'm not a grouppie really but stood on lads hand to get drumstick thrown out into crowd at end of concert!!!...for 2mins I was a little girl again!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Our first family holiday at Word Alive was fab!!! It was so nice to have a break from normal life and spend time away with other Christians all there for the same reason to worship and learn more about God.

Faith enjoyed the ice cream stand they had as you can tell and on the Thursday night (we were away mon to sat) Noah slept through the night for the first time YEAH! Good job to as we had been out all night at a concert watching our friend's band - Y Friday, play and then went to burger king afterwards...

Now I'm back to reality apart from having internet use again the rest of it pretty much sucks! Back to cleaning, washing,ironing and other boring related stuff! Oh well there is always next year to look forward too...