Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Potter and the clay

Been reading Jeremiah, and have been struck again at two things.
The first, that God is like a potter and we are the clay. Such familar words to me but when I really thought about it I was surprised by what that actually means.

As a Christian I have to be total dependant on and at the mercy of God's hands, which means allowing Him to shape and form my life, not me and my idea's. In practice this means doing things God's way at the cost of my own wishes, hopes, idea's and dreams. This doesn't mean that I will be miserable or unhappy in any way, in fact I know that God loves me so much that He only wants the best for me. If I allow Him control over my life, I will experience that real joy and peace that you only get following by Him closely. Quiet often when I make decisions for myself they turn out to be wrong or cause unnecessary hurt, or difficulties anyway.

So I need to learn to allow God to be in control and only He can plant that in my heart. I pray that He would.

Second thing to amaze me yet again, is God's mercy, the prophet books often talk about the destruction that lays ahead due to the disobedience of God's people, but almost after every passage about disaster comes a passage full of Grace and Mercy. God's first reaction, it seems to me, is always that of love and mercy first. Which is amazing considering how we treat Him!

I fully believe that God is a righteous Judge and will one day pour out His wrath on this world, but even now He is giving people who hate Him and don't acknowledge Him time to repent. That is pretty awesome and mind blowing to me. He should just wipe us ALL away, no one deserves forgiveness, no one deserves His Grace and Mercy, but He gives it all the same. Praise God for His overflowing love for His creation. In spite of how it rejects Him.

God is amazing and wonderful and completely mind blowing! Praise Him for His Grace and Love!