Friday, June 22, 2007

Four years!!

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. It somehow seems like we have been togeter longer, but some how like wow 4 years! So much has happened in four years! Four babies, seven deaths, house, mortgage, new experiences like putting up the monster of all tents!, camping as a famiy for the first time, and on wednesday I am going to Spain free with work can't wait 4 whole days away and lots of sleep!!! (it just me no kids!) So it'll be a big step for me first time away without me kids (as I write this Noah is hugging my arm!) Sob Sob.....
It is going to werid not haing them and waking up next to Jo Jo! Instead of getting a wake up cal at 5am from Noah or finding a little girl has snuck in, in the middle of the night and taken al of the middle of the bed up! (Jo and I are sharing, Paula is with the boss she will have to behave!).

I found out today I already have a Certifcate from my Open University course which is cool! and that I only have two years of my degree left I thought it was five!!!!!

We went out last night and when we came home I found that Claire, who was babysitting had done all my ironing!!! I was well chuffed, now I'm working I don't get time to do much around the house, Stu and I both chip in but it still mounts up. I even have the kids helping, never to young to tidy toys away!

Well thats enough boring stuff when I finally get round to putting my holiday photo's on the computer I will add some to this post! Camping was so much fun I forgotten how good it was! These are quiet random thoughts!

Chill out Noah

The most beauitful little girl in the world

Fun at Nanny's

The monster tent part one

The monster tent part two