Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well the mad ozzie returner doesn't think so but I am sooooo hot. We all ran for shelter under the shade at sundays BBQ at the great Charlie's house but miss Oz stayed in the sun til she realised she was billy no mates. So she came inside too.

Anyway she's moaning about her job and the fact that she can't sit and drink tea with me anymore...which granted is a shame but at least she's earning now. I have offered to swap places but she's having none of it. I am surprised as she is sooo good with my kids. Watch out Alex she'll be after her own soon! (Paula no need to comment here I'll do it for you....Hell will freeze over before that happens...or along those lines)

Well best by off have a table and chairs to shop for...men give in so easy when they want something...or you have something they want....


woot said...
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Lorna's Ark said...

hey whats with deleting comments! you'll make it look like I don't have any friends!!