Saturday, September 22, 2007

My big growed up girl!!!!!

Faith started nursery this week I can't believe my first born baby girl is all grown up! She loves it so much she didn't even look twice when we left!

She is going to one of the best schools in the town and you can see why it is so good I love it I put Noah's name down and he may not get in on time as there is a massive waiting list (shows its a good school!!)
I can't get over how quick the time has gone one minute a baby next a smile, her first tooth, sit up on her own, crawling, walking, running, jumping and then before I knew it school! My baby all growed up brings tears to my eyes!!!
I love ya Faith!

Found this in a book!!!

Dedicated to my son Noah!

Won't go in the car
Won't stand over there
Won't play nicely with my sister
Won't not pull her hair
Won't stop picking nose
Won't stop throwing food
Won't wait just a little minute
Won't be .....

"Don't be rude!"

Wanna huge ice cream
Wanna drop it - splat!
Wanna dummy
Wanna bottle
Wanna reck the flat
Wanna get my own way
Want that toy- it's mine!
Wannit now, this very minute!

Or I'm gonna whine

Gonna cut up rough
Gonna start to scream
Gonna throw the BIGGEST TANTRUM
That you've ever seen
Gonna go for broke
Gonna start to choke
Gonna find the biggest dog

And give its eyes a poke!

Can't you lay off Mum?
Can't you try to see
That I won't be such a monster
When I get to......