Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!

Finally we have got our grant money from the university so we can buy laptops! Stuart got his on friday and I'm waiting til my better version is in stock!!!!(stu couldnt wait!....for once I can its amazing.....who the hell am I and what have I done with lorna????)

anyway..... 15 more posts til I reach 100! I am not as bored as Paula she reache da 100 posts ages ago!

here are pictures of Noah's 1st bday as promised!

1st picture.. I like the look of that...2nd picture ohhh flames...3rd one where's the rum I mean cake gone....(Johney Depp style)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My baby's 1 and walking!

I haven't blogged for so long due to the vast amounts of working I have been doing, not only am I at college doing a DHC, I have just started my 3rd year of my uni degree ...which is hard work 8 assignments in 8 months! (last year I had 4 in the same time scale)...anyway as I was saying I am also working two jobs doing accounts something I never done before and am learning new skills all the time as well as the stress of getting yelled at by Paula who is my boss! Its very strange having your best friend as your boss!!!. Some times its cool as I get special treats other times it sucks cause she gives me crap jobs to do, but hey I signed up for this so I should stop moaning and be grateful I have a job!

By the way......

My baby is 1 and walking......

We had his first birthday on 11 Feb 07! and he started walking two days before hand!!! Now all I can sing is "aint no stopping him now...he's on the move" Sad I know but!!! he's my Boyz.

Well today being Valentines day is cool be married don't have to worry about not getting a card etc... I got a badge that I'm being forced to wear!!! Its says world's greatest lover on it!!! I feel slightly big headed!!

Also you can so tell I'm married I'm spending valentines with Paula at college....People really are gonna start to talk about us! We spend vast amounts of time together!!! The lasses at college are already thinking we are gay!!!

However it looks like Paula's fairy tale of being rescued from the parallel dimension world, by "the Handsome Man" is coming true bitach!!!!

will post pic's when I am at home!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I realy think Michelle is a genius! She has created a way for us all to remain lard arses for the rest of lives but remain truly happy!!!

Its the gift of the Chocolate Fountain, Oh heaven in a fountain!

I must get pictures!!!!!

Although after reading the instructions this morning putting your tongue in it and licking the flow is not how your meant to get the chocolate in your mouth, although me and Charlie had great fun doing it!!!

ALSO have discovered that you can pretty much coat anything and everything in chocolate inc creme eggs, marshmellows and crosants being my fav. But your finger is also good as is charlies lips, chest and my tongue!!!! all good ways to ingest chocolate!!!

MMMMMM will dream of your oh fountain of heaven til we met again!!!

bye for now I will miss you dear fountain of joy!!