Monday, October 01, 2007

ARRGGHHH still not done!!!

Ok starting to panic as assignment is due in on Friday and its still not done its so hard this term and I need people to sign stuff and time is running out!!!! I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. I think I will take a year out next year as my course is the next level up and I'm gonna have 3 kids!!! Its all the stupid paperwork and evidence you have to sumbit!! and for each piece of evidence you submit you have to have an evidence sheet and which has to be signed.
Then if you do all the work get all the evidence in but don't include certain things like a check list or this form called the ECA check list then you fail!!!!! its like 12 sheets for your assignment and you need two copies and then 12 set of evidence sheets times two and then your evidence and the checklist, ET3 forms and a confirmer form its a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When did caring for kids and teaching them become all about the paperwork????!!! is this really the job I want???

Its not about teaching kids and being their role model anymore its about paperwork, child protection, paperwork, dealing with problem children who don't repect you, paperwork, staying til all hours preparing work for the next day that kids wont do cause they wanna play outside, paperwork and finally paperwork! What happened to that job I trained to do when I did my NNEB where kids liked their teachers were respectful and enjoyed school, parents were polite and helpful????

Maybe I should stay at home and teach my children from home and how to be polite and respectful. Why am I studying this course?? Surely I am too old for studying now?? I will be 30 in like a year and a half maybe its time I stopped wanting to be a teacher and concentrated on my kids they are growing up so quick after all! Or maybe I don't think I can cut it and thats why I am making excuses! I guess only time will tell!