Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The night it all began!

This is us, in oct 2003 what seem like so long ago, just some distant memories, in a pub called the King John in Hartlepool. It was a special night in more than one way, not only was it Paula's birthday but its the night that changed my life forever, although I didn't know that at the time, until a few weeks later when I peed on a stick and it went blue!

Then 27months later I took this picture!

The most wonderful thing that ever happened to me! Which God willing I am about to embark on again only this time it will be a new life, a new journey, my son.
Its amazing how this little thing can change you so much and until you have one of your own you can never imagine how much you can love one. I am a Nanny by profession and have loved the kids I have worked with, but nothing prepared me for the total shock having my own would bring. Its amazing how you can love someone that is so much hard work. Sleepless nights, endless nappies, sore breasts, labour! and everything else that goes with being a mum. Of course my favourite bit is all the snotty noses!
I am completely smitten and I don't care who knows it, my daughter is wonderful and I will love her forever.
This Christmas she should understand most of whats going on, so providing I don't go into labour early, this should be my best Christmas ever. Even though my Dad and my Nan wont be here to share it, I know that they live on through me, in my memories of them, and the silly things I say.(that they used to say) So Faith will know them and that puts a smile on my face.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I wish you all peace and happiness.
God Bless

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I love this time of year but often I find the true meaning gets left behind, apart from your local school navity play, the name Jesus is never really mentioned these days.
I've been teaching my little girl about the first christmas and the more we read the stories and the more we sing songs, the more disheartned I become.
I find myself asking what is christmas really all about....
the answer I keep coming back to is EASTER!!

Strange I hear you say.... but that surely is the reason the Son of God came to earth as a baby, to become the Saviour. To become the Saviour He had to die on a cross, then rise three days later.
So its not so strange that I find myself thinking about Easter at this time.

A friend asked me (or asked people on her blog) how do you know you have faith?
I'm afraid to say I can't answer that, because I just do. I cant explain it, its just something I have. I believe not because I've seen it, not because it makes my life easy (cause most of the time it doesn't), and not because its a warm furry feeling you get on a sunday morning but I believe because God opened my eyes and until He opens yours I strongly believe you will never truly understand what real faith is.
I say that not to get peoples backs up, but from my heart.
So I ask that you stop in the hussle and bussle of christmas to spare a thought for the real reason for this season, and if you want real faith, to ask God to open your eyes, I know He will.