Friday, January 06, 2006

This is just to annoy my hubby he didn't think I'd really put him on the net!!!
Christmas was fab hope yours was too! Plus I made it through 2005 without anyone dying! yeah! unless you count my cat getting run over???
Well only 4 weeks to go til my little Mr little arrives although it could be sooner or hopefully not later!
Faith has started potty training, my washer is in overdrive, but she is doing well! Also would like to ask why kids shoes are so flippin expensive???? They are half the size, meant to be VAT free but cost twice as much!!!! Brought Faith a new pair as her feet have grown nearly died when the woman said £26!!! mine only cost £8 in the sale!!! oh well its only money.
We had snow over Christmas it was fun! Although I now know how rudolph feels pulling a sleigh! Minus the red nose!
Had my friend from Oz to stay.... well actually she was born in this country but chose to abandon it for the heat of Oz.... we had fun although she complained about the ice and cold and MUD!! in Oz there is no mud apparantly?? Correct me if shes wrong please!
Well Happy New Year hope 2006 is exciting for you, I celebrated by going to bed at 9pm and sleeping it was best nights sleep for ages, apart from fireworks at 12. I didn't mind them so much they were fun. I must be getting old! My husbands comment to start the year off was "Oh great I'm gonna be 30 this year, with 2 kids and a mortgage! I feel old!"