Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kids free to a good home!

.....or a bad one, just take them off my hands, has been my sign in name lately on MSN! Why is it that when your kids are asleep you can't wait to wake them up and cuddle them, but when you are trying to unload the dishwasher, load the washing machine, or make the tea, then them crying for your attention isn't so appealing!

Oh well. I love my kids and I would NEVER willing part with them..... its just sometimes THEY DRIVE ME MAD!!!! (the post below only show their good sides!)

Anyway Faith's new favourite DVD is the MAGIC ROUNDABOUT! At first I loved it esp Dillon the spaced out Rabbit! but after watching it twenty times a day its beginning to annoy me. I find myself singing along to the songs in the bath or whilst hanging the washing out! I can't remember the last time I sang music that wasn't child related!
Its infectious to as Paula is singing LazyTown now!
Or that could also be to due to the vast amounts of time she spends here! I really should hurry up with that loft conversion and put a bed up there for her it would save her a ton of petrol!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Bomber and My Diddle

This is the cheeky Bomber! He is so called as this is his wrestling move... he bombs....from the top rope (the top of our four poster)

Oh Oh he has also just learnt to say MUM!!!! I won again!! Faith's first word was mum too! Oh Oh and he's learnt to climb stairs!!!! My life is over!!!....must remember to shut stair gates at all times now!

Now for my Diddle she does the diddle splash also from the top rope! only she's not allowed to splash Bomber yet.....or not meant too!

Oh and this is my favourite at the moment

My babies are the most special most wonderful thing in the whole world to me I LOVE THEM THEY KEEP ME GOING!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


When I was a young girl at college, carefree and loving life, I was given the nickname loopey Lorna, it kinda stuck. Since then I have been given various other nicknames, the host, sexylady, bunny boiler, and my favorite one being Monica. (from friends).
But recently my head has been all messed up on account of my med's. Apparently the worst thing you can do is quit them cold turkey....mmm...silly me....not done on purpose. I felt better and didn't have time to go to the doctors, what with having two demanding kids, and so forgot to go get some more.
Wont be doing that again!!!!.

Maybe loopey lorna wasn't descriptive enough psyco Lorna may be more appropriate!

Anyway am being nagged at to use correct grammar etc.... and that someone wants to use my computer to read her comments, so am going.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Lorna's Ark...

What do you think???? it's one of the ideas for our new business name, we also considered, tiny tots but thats taken. LP's, Just like home, Porna's (paula's idea), don't come here we might kill your kids.... and various others.

WOW! setting up your own business is hard work, cant wait thought. I'm quite looking forward to me and P working together. She'll do all the boring stuff like adim and I'll look after the kids -the fun bit!(she sayit was the other way round)

Anyway must go email Miss Bell a list of things she needs to do like contracts, etc

Charlie if this gets really successful and we turn it into a nursery will you be our cook??

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yoghurt freak

My two old daughter has taken to living off of yoghurts! If I say no she goes and helps herself to them out of the fridge (knew I shouldn't have taught her to open fridge!).
I then find yoghurt all over my carpet, which I've just cleaned! Oh well best get used to the mess as I am training to be a childminder, so will have loads of mess when I get new kids.

Paula is my bussiness partner but I'm not sure how she will handle the kids. The barclays job maybe the better option. Although having said that she is GREAT with my kids....I have even entrusted her as emergancy contact at Faith's nursery, incase they can't get hold of me or Stuart...Hopefully she will have checked her phone telling her this before she reads it online.

Oh well off to prize a yoghurt out of my daughters hand.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Best game in the world!

Who would have thought, that when I moaned at Stu for buying yet another playstation game! It would have turned out to be soooo much fun. Last night two girls in much need of some therapy took up the controllers and beat each other to death...(in the game...twas more fun than actually beating each other to death!). Although me thinks that Paula kept cheating because she was losing.... I had to take my controller to the loo with me so she didn't beat me! She also reset the game when I was winning!
Feel ashamed that Kelly had to come round to find out what all the shouting was about...
I feel Paula and I are very much the same, we don't like losing, and we get loud and shout at the telly when we do!
Much fun was had last night til I spent 45 mins being sick! That was not nice! Although may help with the weight loss!

Anyway we had a great holiday and stayed in a gorgeous B&B the cooked breakfasts where amazing mmmm could do with one right now!
We also discovered the wonder that is Mac Donalds breakfast bagels ooohhh so tasty again could do with one now...
Well time to go wash the sick out of my hair

What was I and malibu don't mix!

No excuses..... but I was sad and upset with my friend who needed comforting.

Still no excuse as I'm a mother now and have responsibilities, this may be a time to do some sole searching and reflection.

For those I have shocked I am sorry, I'm human and I make mistakes.