Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy endings??? and randomness!!!

I've recently found myself questioning if I believe in the happily ever after. Do we like Cinderella find a Prince Charming and ride off in to the distance? Do we always have to look wonderful, without a hair out of place like so many celb's would lead us to believe? Or can we be happy with what the world would class as 2nd best or whatever you can get?

My thoughts are confused on the issue, as to what is perfection?? Does it need to be prefect for us to be happy? From my experiences, all relationships take work and effort... some days more than others... but if you have found someone who still loves when you are at your worst surely thats better than having a Brad Pitt look a like, who couldn't give a damm about you or how you feel.

When I was little all I wanted to do was to become a teacher, get married, have kids and be happy. But life isn't like disney would lead us to believe, you can't always be happy and I believe that its ok to feel sad and cry. Its ok when life isn't fabulous and everything isn't rosy. Life takes work just like any relationship.
I've been depressed and hopefully am comming out the other side now. So my conlusion is that happily ever after does work, just not like the movies and fairy tales make out it does. For some maybe they are lucky enough to have it all but for most of us, we should just learn to be content with what life has dealt us.
Look for the beauty around us like, our children, the natural world and our families. God has given us so much to be thankful for. I need to try and remember this!

Oh and for most, pregnancy makes us fat and hormonal, and our children make us tried and stressed, but its all worth it! My children are such a blessing, as is my husband (most days!).

Paula's comment on losing weight should be that she has none to lose in the first place! Mine is going well over a stone off now since Noah, slower than with Faith but I quiet sure that had a lot to do with the Gall stones and countless trips to A&E, throwing up, Morphine, and Pain... or that should be the Pain first then the Morphine...

Today is Father days so this post is dedicated to my Dad, who as you will know from previous posts is not here in this life anymore, here's to you Dad, I miss you and your the greatest!
To everyone else please don't take your parents for granted one day they wont be there anymore....

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woot said...

No. I have discovered my little theory on the fabulous hollywood movie romance is bollocks as my hair was, quite possibly, looking the worst it ever has on monday morning.

This leads me to conclude that, in hollywood movies, they have crap sex.