Monday, November 28, 2005

This is a girl after my own heart! Not so long ago a friend of mine showed me a picture very similar to this of this little lady's mother with her hands in a sweetie tin and sweets all over the floor.

And why not I hear you say it is Christmas??? well nearly!!

I got in trouble the other day off this same friend for putting my tree up in November. I know its slightly early but I love christmas always so full of happy memories for me.

Also the fact that in a few weeks time when most normal people will be putting up their trees and decking the halls, I will be house size and unable to move round my tree to decorate it and will defently not be allowed anywhere near step ladders!

At least its done and Faith loves it!

Bonus my hubby will have to take them all down or leave them up til after this little man is born! which should be Feb so extra long Christmas yeah! For those who know Stu they know if it was left up to him the dec's would still be up next christmas and possible the christmas to follow that! he he love him really.

My new friend is my brand new king size four poster bed! Its so comfy! and the duvet is soo much bigger! well a whole 6 inchs but that makes all the differance! My hubby says that its my christmas present but I agrue that he gets half ,well 3/4 of it, so should it not be a joint present??? Me thinks so!

Paula if you read this leave me nice comments even though I left you some nasty ones about your sad fixation with Mark "who the hell is he now" Owen!! he he

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My baby!

This is me auntie Paula after spag bol! I love it its my favourite dish!

I finally worked out how to sell stuff properly on Ebay today he he I'm a seller (better start earning back some of that money I've spent on there in the last few months!) Remortaging my house might be a start he he.

Also worked out online banking! I guess I'm becoming something of a wizz at computering!

Only two espiodes of Angel 5 left til no more Angel ever!!! When I finish the DVD what will I do in the evenings.... will have to go back to cleaning the house and boring stuff!

Well best go stuff to do people to see(not) places to go(not I'm a mother!)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ok what can I write about today hmmm!!!
I have been watching vast amounts of Red dwarf again all Paulas fault!
I still think that 8 hrs sleep is not enough and one years olds should respect that!!
Anyway just a little something to keep me writing will find something interesting to write tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hi my name is Lorna, (the pictures not me its my daughter)
I'm 26 (I'm getting well old were did my youth go!)
I live in a little dump called Hartlepool but am for Cambridge orignally.(so can be redeemed)
I'm married have 1 daughter and a son (so they tell me) on the way.
My friend Paula says I have to make this funny and interesting like hers!!! Shes a devilsredhead you should check her out!
I've never done this before so I'm sure this first one will be rubbish but like all things I try I get better with practise!!
My interests are doing fun things with my daughter and my mates although my best mate has abandoned me for sunny oz and taken all her fun with her!!!!
Although I do have her red dwarf dvds to ransom!! Should she display any pictures of my on her post/blog! he he