Sunday, May 20, 2007


For my hundreth post I wish I had something wonderful to tell everyone but I really don't except I'm going to Spain FOC with work! Am looking forward to Aliante and no kids for fours days! I will post holiday pictures!

Also I'm going on holiday for two weeks at the end of this week can't wait haven't been on holiday since my honeymoon nearly four years ago!

I thought I'd include a little picture of my children!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One more to go....

One more post till the big 100, but for now you will have to listen to the rants of this century of posts.

No names here but they know who they are...

I have one friend who is being a spanner! I feel this friend needs to be more serious about things and silly people who are messing them about. I worry a lot about this person. I wuv them x.

I have another friend who I don't see any more why is this?? what has happened??? I miss you.

I have another friend, who was my bestest friend where did they go? it seems like a they are a different person now and I hardly know them anymore, yet I see this person everyday, this person used to be fun and want to do things together, now they don't. I'm sad come back friend, I miss you!

I feel that Lorna is back now!! I need all my minions to come back and worship me like they once did!

Come home little ones come home your master has returned!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Head still may explode!

My head is in no better state than my last writing!

but I have found this (nicked it off Paula!) to help me along!
My bestest friend Paula was recently a patient of the great University Hospital of Hartlepool aka the dump!
She was nearly dead!!!!!
She had no immune system, due to the drugs she takes for her arthritis, so she was quite ill although if you ask her she'll say "I'm fine".
I am glad she is out of hospital now! Even though she is complaining that my gifts weren't as good as Charlie's! and that she didn't even love me enough to keep my get well card!!! She's not getting that Puppy now!!!!!
Anyway enough boringness I am nearly at my 100 post which means I have way too much free time (yeah Right) or that I talk so much rubbish!!! (which is more likely!)