Monday, October 19, 2009


I never normally ask this question, why does God allow suffering, as I have heard many talks on how it is sin and a fallen world we live in and God gives us all free will. Which I firmly believe.

But this time I am asking why? I just watched a video about Baby P and was horrified by it. The things that poor baby endured at the hands of his so called caregivers/parents are just beyond words!

Maybe his death was an act of mercy from God, by why did he have to suffer so long? Why are hundreds of children all over the world suffering? I know God is more broken hearted about it than I can ever be, as He gave these children life, He knows their souls and suffering more than I will ever.

But why allow people like that to have children, when He withholds children from people who would be amazing parents. Don't get me wrong as a parent I am flawed and am by no means perfect, as are millions of others but we don't abuse our children.

I truly believe with all my heart that God is Sovereign and that His way is best by why, how, can these poor children suffering be a part of that plan.

I wish God would end this evil world and take us all home to Heaven so that their suffering would end and I will pray for them until this happens.

RIP Baby Peter

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