Sunday, October 25, 2009

Real Forgiveness

After being challenged this morning about Real Forgiveness, I decided that it requires actions not just words. After years of not speaking to my biological father I decide to make contact through the addictive and dreaded facebook.

This is a massive step for me to take and requires a lot of faith. But if I truly believe that I am forgiven then I need to learn to forgive. I find this hard in all my relationships, if someone hurts me I tend to hold a grudge. I don't forgive easily, but I should. Christ took all the rubbish and bad things, I've ever done and He has forgiven me. Now that's a lot of forgiveness!

I can't bear the thought of people being able to see my deepest darkest secrets at the end of time, so I don't want to add to them by being unforgiving.

I pray Christ would help me become more like Him by be able to forgive. If He can cry out "Father forgive" them on the cross, after every slap, whip, torture, face full of spit and much more that He endured. Then I should forgive, those who hurt me.

I want to be Christ like, I strive for it, I want to be a more Godly Christian and I know He can change me and make me more like Him.

My prayer is He will do the same for you.

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Paul Lintott said...

Brave and excellent