Thursday, January 11, 2007

7 lbs gone 60 million to go!!!!!!!

Why is it that every new year people start out with all these good intentions and plans to be fitter, silmmer, stop drinking/smoking etc but by Feb they have all gone tits up!!???

I myself am currently part of this trend, still trying to lose those baby pounds I put on when Pregnant problem is this time next month Noah will be 1!!! I will have no excuses then! Ok so between now and Feb must lose 12 stone! Well 2 would be nice.

Me and Paula minus Charlie (stupid family plans double booker you!) went for our wraps the other day being bandaged from head to foot in wrap was fun! Although you were unable to move!

I lost 10& 1/2 inches in 2 hours not bad!!!!

Why Paula needed to go I'll never know, stupid 8 stone sticklike person!

Oh and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Paula you broke your blog ha ha ha ha ha ha its because you put horrid videos of me on there and on you tube!!! ha ha ha ha ha


charlie said...

'pologies again about stoopied family meal thingy. I was looking forward to being lard wrapped too.

Well done you on loosing weight-I'm trying to(yet again) also.

woot said...

Blog fixed now. Mebbe it is because I took the vid of you off you tube?

Well mostly took it off anyway. It is just made private so no-one can access it.

So you better me nice to me Mrs Holden!