Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why do my friends hate me!???!!!

Why are my "friends" on a mission to undone the great work they did over Christmas. They spent the whole of 22nd Dec trying to convince me I was me again and I was worth something other than just a mother, wife and cleaner.

Yet they have made me feel horrid again!

I have always been concious of my weight, and even more so since having the children. I don't have time to make myself look as presentable as I would like to look, my nice clothes are just a tad too tight so I wear big baggy clothes!

I hate pictures of me at the moment!

But my friends put horrid video's and pictures of me on their blogs.... ok Charlie yours isnt that bad! But I hate that video Paula I don't think its funny and I feel ashamed of it!

Also it was filmed at a time when I was drinking way too much and feeling depressed which you guys helped me out of that friday. But now I feel like I've moved back to square 1!

You hurt me!

I don't like that but its happened twicw now.

You two together, are mean to me!


woot said...

It's gone.

It's a shame, you were someones favourite!


charlie said...

We don't hate you-we just sometimes might not know how much something upsets you until we push a joke too far.

U were always my favorite too!
(don't tell P that though)-she might "downgrade" me.

*squillions of hugs and kisses*

Brita said...

People should read this.