Friday, January 19, 2007


Recently signed my very single friend up to a date my mate website as a bit of a laugh! She has had like a million replies even some from married men!!!! I mean some people!!!!!

On a more possitive note I had a great day with my mate Charlie yday. If she were a guy and I was single I'd marry her she helped me so much yday.

Also I am now part of the plotting for Charlies bday which is fun to be on this side for a change!!!!

I am in much need of another trip to the house of heaven!

in no way a clue charlie! (Sorry)

Paula you know the thing well I'm doing it so get michelle to do the other wink wink :-)

going now am meant to be working!!!


charlie said...

I wanna know what you've said on the date my mate thingy.

Is their linkage?

I'm still not sure whether I am to be excited like a kid at Christmas about my birfday or worried like a teen the night before GCSE results.

woot said...

I'm saying nothing.

On the plus side it is just a bit of fun - I am far to much of a wuss to actually do anything but take the mick out of these guys!

woot said...

I should be annoyed about that but cannot seem to make myself smack you...