Monday, October 30, 2006

A 3rd???

The theory seems to go that when someone in my family dies I am pregnant, or have just had a baby. So what to do?
I love my little 2.4 family, but is it enough???
I'm just starting to get myself back, starting a business and have most nights a good nights sleep!
I have been thinking that maybe we should foster or adopt later on in life?
There are so many, too many, children from broken homes, who've lost parents or who have been abused. I see kids in our street being hit and mistreated, still awake running round the grove at 2am no shoes, in just a vest! I just wanna hug them all and bring them into look after them.
I heard a story about one of the lasses who's little girl, crawls around the floor amongst the needles and empty vodka bottles! I wish I could save all children from this sort of life!
I hear stories of children suffering in developing countries from AIDS, and diseases that we can vaccinate against in this country! Who gave the west the right to all the money and health care! Its appalling that think its our God given right to be healthy!

Parenthood is such am awesome responsibility no one should enter it lightly..... I'll keep you posted on the possibility of Holden number three????

P.S Paula don't kill me for being broody I'm sure it'll pass!


charlie said...

Not to be harsh, uncaring, jsut honest and me...but having a third child won't bring back your loved ones. People will still die or hurt you.
Being childfree is best for us. We've looked into adoption (of a five yr old) its an 12-24 month process which is very stressful for you, your family and your kids.
Something also not to be taken lightly.
Could you cope emotionally and finacially with another child?

charlie said...

Hope that wasn't too harsh as I know you are still feeling fragile. If it was I'm sorry.

woot said...

*puts away mallet*

No fair!

I like the idea of adoption. You have kids so its not like you will never have kids of your own and there are so many children out there who will never have a home like yours full of love, hugs and sweets.

Plus it means that the gross/ painful/ scary pregnancy bit is cut out and frankly we will all be happy bout that as you always seem to share far to much...

woot said...

Charlie!!! Stop bloody apologising!!! We know you and know youre being honest and much prefer it to sugar coating and then going out when you said you wouldn't...

Oh hang on that was me...


charlie said...

Ok, Lorna look, I want you to be happy and spoil yourself. I like my Lorna not being covered in maternity clothes, baby sick, shitting nappies. Lorna needs to be happy. Lorna needs to spend money on her. not children. not stu, HERSELF. Until you really love yourself and deal with whats happened in the past then you won't be truly happy. A (another) baby won't make you happy.
Fairy'muff you're broody-but at the minute love-just enjoy your family, your husband, your kids and your fabulous friends and enjoy you and your life.