Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Bomber and My Diddle

This is the cheeky Bomber! He is so called as this is his wrestling move... he bombs....from the top rope (the top of our four poster)

Oh Oh he has also just learnt to say MUM!!!! I won again!! Faith's first word was mum too! Oh Oh and he's learnt to climb stairs!!!! My life is over!!!....must remember to shut stair gates at all times now!

Now for my Diddle she does the diddle splash also from the top rope! only she's not allowed to splash Bomber yet.....or not meant too!

Oh and this is my favourite at the moment

My babies are the most special most wonderful thing in the whole world to me I LOVE THEM THEY KEEP ME GOING!


woot said...

Ick. Children.

charlie said...

I did wonder what you were going to write about diddle-eek. Girlie stuff-pah! Instead of that you talk about little rugrats.

P.s. it looks like they are having great fun in the park.

woot said...

Kids. *shudder*

charlie said...


Well, if they keep you happy then thats fine by me.

...I suppose

woot said...

Horrible, screaming, snotty lile things.

But when they are being cute they are soooooooooo sweet.

Only want to be near them during those times though...

woot said...

Post something new!