Friday, September 15, 2006

Lorna's Ark...

What do you think???? it's one of the ideas for our new business name, we also considered, tiny tots but thats taken. LP's, Just like home, Porna's (paula's idea), don't come here we might kill your kids.... and various others.

WOW! setting up your own business is hard work, cant wait thought. I'm quite looking forward to me and P working together. She'll do all the boring stuff like adim and I'll look after the kids -the fun bit!(she sayit was the other way round)

Anyway must go email Miss Bell a list of things she needs to do like contracts, etc

Charlie if this gets really successful and we turn it into a nursery will you be our cook??


charlie said...

hey, babe, I'd love to be your cook. I could help with the fun stuff like painting and gardening and going for trips. But I'm not dealing with runny noses or nappies.

We have a nursey called Little Acorns near us.
How about something twee like Sunshine Club? Although with you being a Christian I reckon Lorna's (or even Noahs) Ark would be good,.

woot said...

I like Lorna's Ark too.

Athough Faith might get upset if we used Noah's Ark.

Lorna is gonna be very busy. She will be doing all the nappy/ potty type stuff! I don't do that eher.

We will just do the nice fun stuff while the kids are happy!

I did managed to get puked on by Noah the other day. It was really gross...