Monday, April 17, 2006

PAULA 's COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!
Easter was great, Faith got three eggs I "helped" her eat two of them (the other was nestle...oh cadbury's rules) I have eaten enough creme eggs to feed a small country (i'm not joking, can eat 6 in one sitting) so diet is going well not! If I was aiming to look like a creme egg diet would be fine, but as I'm aiming for greek goddess don't think I'll achieve that anytime soon. Although will have to start trying as Paula is coming home and will want to go out partying so must be able to a) keep up with her on dance floor b) TRY to look as good as her (so thin and gorgeous humm....) and c) have enough cash to go out so not spend it on creme eggs (mental note to self :resist creme eggs)
Anyway have to find pic of hubby as his mate wants to laugh at him will take some today and post in the future.
Laters...(so stolen)


woot said...


You could at least use a decent picture...

Right - I'm gonna go and post the pic of you sitting on the floor covered in chocs!!!! Mwah hah hah

woot said...

Right - if you don't take the picture down I'm gonna stay in Oz for ever!!!