Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just a quickie! to add to previous post have been told to comment on the band YFriday we went to see. My husband knows one of the lads so well that he used to play transformers with him--he had the better ones... only child .. no comment... plus hubby's were always broke as he didnt take care of them.....anyway we remember when they were a small group playing at Ninth hour, Crusible, and other small church events... but when we got to the room where they were playing we being VIP's thought we'd get in first and be able to talk to our mates before hand but oh no we were told to que!!! never qued in life to see them or maybe once in Harltepool!!.. anyway not only that but they had bouncers!!! to proctect them from what I'm not quiet sure its not like Queen was on stage! And Gav's(our mate) no Robbie Williams!!!! How fame can be such a pull on normal life feels so sorry for Gav not! mind maybe the bouncer were to stop his fan club.. all about 12... from rushing the stage we will never know. Talked to him afterwards through the mass of screaming girls for autographs etc..

P.S I'm not a grouppie really but stood on lads hand to get drumstick thrown out into crowd at end of concert!!!...for 2mins I was a little girl again!!


woot said...

Yay!!! Love that story!

Cannot believe he has bouncers! Seriously! What on earth is going on! Gavin has bouncers?!?!?!

Lorna's Ark said...

yay!!! a post Paula loves!! yippee!!!