Monday, April 24, 2006

WELL SO FAR shes not coming home!!!! Sob sob!!!
PLUS mean woman ate poor skippy or so she told said child!! I mean its one thing to eat him but to tell a child that he/she has just partaken in the worst horror story since someone told their child they had just eaten Bambi!!! IS SHOCKING!!!!
I am appalled, and will not let you near my children when you come home if you tell them stories like that they will have nightmares or not have a clue what your on about seeing as they are only 10wks and 21mths!


woot said...

Oooooooooh! Hadn't thought of eating bambi!

That'll have to be next on the list of "Evil Things To Do To Tell The Children About"!

Also (incase any kids are reading this) the Easter Bunny got rabies and died and Santa got arrested for molesting elves...

woot said...

You should update this bit of whinging now, shouldnt you?