Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My baby!

This is me auntie Paula after spag bol! I love it its my favourite dish!

I finally worked out how to sell stuff properly on Ebay today he he I'm a seller (better start earning back some of that money I've spent on there in the last few months!) Remortaging my house might be a start he he.

Also worked out online banking! I guess I'm becoming something of a wizz at computering!

Only two espiodes of Angel 5 left til no more Angel ever!!! When I finish the DVD what will I do in the evenings.... will have to go back to cleaning the house and boring stuff!

Well best go stuff to do people to see(not) places to go(not I'm a mother!)


woot said...

Hey doll.

When your kid turns 18 and realises that you have posted pictures of her on the net she is not gonna be a happy bunny!

I will be back eventually babe, just don't hold your breathe. You may go a bit blue.

Laters gaters.


woot said...

Also - doesn't she look like her dad in that pic?

Spillage and all....