Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hi my name is Lorna, (the pictures not me its my daughter)
I'm 26 (I'm getting well old were did my youth go!)
I live in a little dump called Hartlepool but am for Cambridge orignally.(so can be redeemed)
I'm married have 1 daughter and a son (so they tell me) on the way.
My friend Paula says I have to make this funny and interesting like hers!!! Shes a devilsredhead you should check her out!
I've never done this before so I'm sure this first one will be rubbish but like all things I try I get better with practise!!
My interests are doing fun things with my daughter and my mates although my best mate has abandoned me for sunny oz and taken all her fun with her!!!!
Although I do have her red dwarf dvds to ransom!! Should she display any pictures of my on her post/blog! he he

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woot said...

Welcome Lorna. Cant wait to hear stories of your mad dog!