Saturday, March 06, 2010

Learning to love like Christ

Forgive me for being a bit thick! But I have been reading lately about how we are meant to love others (from various places in the Bible).
The Bible clearly states that we are to love others the way Christ loved us! Now I find that extremely hard to do...

Firstly there is only 4 people in the world I would die for, and they are my beautiful children. I find it hard to even comprehend the thought of dying for my husband let alone someone who hates me. But that's what have been called to do, love like Christ..... sacrificially! He died for those who hated Him me included! I pray God would put that heart of love in me. As I am ashamed to admit I do not love others the way Christ does.

Even down to the simple every day things, of putting others needs before my own. Why are we (or is it just me who is) obsessed with (my) own needs and wants to forget that others are more important than I am. I should be living and loving like Christ does, that's what the Bible commands of me. If I truly want to follow Christ and live for Him I need to adopt His attitude to everything thing, prayer, fasting and loving.

"Be like Jesus this my song"

Asking for forgiveness is the easy part but living for and following Christ takes gutts and hard work! I wanna follow do you????

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