Saturday, October 17, 2009


"How unstable you are, constantly changing your way!" Jeremiah Ch2v36

Lately I have become addicted to a game called Cafe World run through Facebook, its pretty uninteresting in the grand scheme of things but very addictive if you like that sort of thing.

The problem I find is that I seem to go from one addiction to another. Which seems sad, but I feel I am not the only one. My children do it all the time! One minuet, this toys is in, the next its something else. One week they like this TV programme, the next week its something new. One DVD is so loved and worn out one month, the next it never leaves the box (that's if it made it back into the box not down the side of the sofa!)

Why is it that we loved being addicted to stuff, TV, Films, shopping, computer games?

These things in themselves are not wrong but when they absorb all your time so you are getting up at 6 am to play them I feel it maybe time to switch it off! I mean I wouldn't consider getting up at 6 am to read and pray! Much to my shame.

What I long for most is to be so addicted to Christ that I can't get enough of Him! Why is my natural instinct to love everything except Christ!?

Oh that I would long to love Christ and be total absorbed in Him!

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