Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sunshine on a rainy day.....

Got a letter from James Bond the other day (Sir Roger Moore) it was a thank me for all my support to Unicef this year.
I had been having a bad week (as you may guess from my previous post) and this letter which was really a plea for more money, so moved me with all the little children suffering and not having clean water to drink, let alone Santa coming with presents.
They are fighting for life everyday and all the thing we take for granted are pure luxury for them.

Really I am so blessed.

I'm not belittling my previous post those feeling are real and painful, I have a problem, and need a positive way to deal with all my grief. This letter made me think I'm not the only one suffering. I have friends suffering from depression and stress. So I'm not alone like those people dying from disease that cost as little as 2.5p to prevent!

Have been listerning to Westlife lately don't know why, only one song.... Flying without wings... it makes me think that I have such beautiful children and I'm not alone. I am married. I have a husband how ever crap he is at times, he loves me and supports me and puts up with all my crap, grief and hormones. I love him. And whats wrong with being Shrek and Princess Fiona! Still a princess!

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charlie said...

You sound so much more postive today. I hope that things happening over the past few days have helped you feel like this and that slowly you are moving on. I hope that this isnt a fake happy Lorna-you'll only hurt yourself doing that.

I much prefer volupteous Fiona as opposed to skinny biatch Fiano-so much more prettier and it was our wedding song.

Hope to see you soon love you my darling.