Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keeping the ELC in business!

Lately I've been keeping the ELC in business! but I have now finished my christmas shopping it is all wrapped and put away for another day!
Have done all my cards, addressed and stamped them.....
now all i have to do is wait about 7 weeks!!!!

I started shopping as a distraction from all that was going on and then before I knew it my list was complete and presents were wrapped!

Also two very stupid companies have agreed to give me a credit card!! good job I've finished christmas shopping.....

mmm Noah's birthday is in 3 mns!!!! could start now!!!

or could shop for our business....
Sgopping helps me cope but I am becoming very aware that money doesn't grow on trees (wish it did!) and that it you spend it... it disappears! oh well better put some in my isa before paula lectures me..

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