Wednesday, October 04, 2006

more boring photo's just to annoy Paula!

Do you remember the good old days when you could sing along to tunes in your car really loud??? I can't wait til tonight as that is what paula and I plan to do!! Sing Belinda Carlisle at the top of our heads on the way out! No more nursery rhymes for me proper music.

Can't wait til the weekend....fancy dress party here we come!!!

We went to the park the other day hence the photo I love ward Jackson its so much nicer than Rossemere, then thats not hard!

oh well best go and get ready for our night of learning fun! KFC tonight yeah BABY!!!!!


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Jtrainpassenger said...

I miss Ward Jackson Park. But not too much as there is so much to do down here. Greenwich is a great place.

woot said...

I miss beig a kid and my dad breaking downs trees to get conkers for me and my brother.

Thats not even a joke - he managed to break one and we had to escape from the park before one of the wardens saw us...

My mother was so embarrassed, she said she couldnt take him anywhere and that he was worse than us kids!

charlie said...

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charlie said...

Ooooo-fancy dress party-who/what you going as?

charlie said...

you must post pics of the fancy dress thingy!

Your kids always look really happy in your pics Lorna dear, you are a FABBY mummy! :-)