Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where does the time go????

2 YEARS!!! My little girl is 2 tomorrow I can't believe it only seems like yesterday she was born, and yet it feels like she's never not been here. I can't believe I could ever love someone so much. She's amazing and perfect.
I thank God for her everyday, my little princess.
We had a party for her today it was fab, the bouncy castle went down at treat.
However will not be winning super mum of the year this year as I had to buy all my cakes, as was unable to make them all like last year due to hospital stay *frowns*
Anyway must go and spend time with husband who feels like I've abandoned him R BLESS!!!!
bye for now Paula and Charlie who are the only people who read this I have no other friends sob sob...
P.S auntie Paula made it through the party un harmed!!!!

1 comment:

woot said...

Only just!

It was touch and go with lots of small children telling me they needed the toilet but I managed to point them all in your direction...

And I did win the face pulling competition I was having with one of the little things...