Friday, July 14, 2006

Hospital again me this time!

I hate hospital's, however I seem to send an awful lot of time in them!!
Got rushed in on Thursday morning with stomach pain and couldn't move, had two very nice men help me into ambulance!!! What is it with me and Hartlepool University hospital can't seem to go a year without paying it a visit at least once!
Oh well home now kidney infection or something which requires antibiotics good job I'm not allergic to them.


woot said...

Y'know, in the olden days they didn't have fancy antibiotics and such to treat infections with.

They used ALCOHOL!!!

I think we should go back to the uncomplicated days and try treating your symptoms in the same way.

I'm sure Malibu counts!

Lorna's Ark said...

we shall see although I heard an early night works too!

Charlie said...

They also used mouldy bread and mouldy jam -anyone for a jam sarnie?

Charlie said...

in the olden days they also used mouldy bread and mouldy jam-anyone for a jam sandwich?

woot said...

See you were drinking Malibu last night and bet you felt fantastic!!!

However, today is small child birthday party and you were drinking malibu last night so I bet you feel rubbish!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Etc...