Monday, March 20, 2006

Well its over a month now and things are going well. Noah is putting on weight,(I'm losing it yeah)he's nearly sleeping through the night its now his sister who wakes me up! (although she has been poorly and I think is teething!) Oh the joys of Motherhood! Through the piles of dirty nappies, washing, teething gel and sleepless nights I have found a glimmer of light a wonderful drug called Medised(as it has seditive in it!)- recommended to me by the pastors wife seems to work better than Calpol. Oh thank God for it! Really I'm joking and don't think drugging my 20mth old is a good idea or do I???
In the light of being a new mum again I have once again forgotten who Lorna is or was and don't even remember who my husband is! I think he lives here when hes not at work or on the computer! I now just answer to "mum!" or "whench were are my work trousers?"

Its strange how all the books and training tell you this is the way things should be done, and all the best tactics to use against screaming babies and toddlers, but at 2am when you have had no sleep for days its amazing how quickly those ideals go out the window with the book following closely behind them! Its not that I don't like my life its just no-one ever tells you how hard being a mum is, except your own mum who you don't listen to cause you think shes just going on at you again! There are good days, bad days and days you wanna bury your children in the garden next to your cat! Again I'm joking.........

Well better go must return to normally can't stay here in cyber space forever!


woot said...

I told you!!!! Me! Over here!!! I told you that being a mother is far to hard and you shouldnt bother!!! Hello! Right here!!!

And I think drugging the kids is a fabulous idea!

Nice little druged out zombie children will be nice and quiet while I am round for a cup of tea and not wipe biscuit drool on my leg!

*arm is twisted violently by Lorna* Ow, Oki!!! I am joking, honest. *goes off muttering about overtired psyco mothers*

Lorna's Ark said...

You wait til you get home I'll force you to babysit then u'll be for it!!! it wont just be drool they wipe on you! They'll be a tag teaming you for sure!

woot said...

They will if your husband has anything to do with it!

Tag Team Midgets - Sounds like somthing the WWf would dream up!

Hang on, what makes you think I would babysit! Ewww!