Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flushed away!

Since last writing I have discovered a fantastic children's film called flushed away it is very funny! Plus Hugh Jackman is the lead so its doubly good! I now only have 11 days until my last year of my 20's begins!which means its like 376 days till I'm 30!!!!!!!!!! Maried with a mortgage and three kids! ARGH!!!!! I'm so old!

With less than 3 weeks till I am ready to drop I've been busy painting and getting things ready for our home birth which I am excited about as I wasnt allowed one with Faith and Noah. Faith because she was my first and Noah because I had Strep B so yipppeee!

Will post pictures as soon as Holden number three appears and as we don't know what the baby is we can't decide on names either so it should be an interesting arrival to our clan.

P.S Noah had a great birthday and loves his McQueen racing tack that we got him


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woot said...

Wow - you really are old aren't you?!?!?

That is scary - you will be a 30's couple. Ewwwwwww *shudder*

Also have to point out that while you may not have been allowed to do that whole "nesting" thing with the first 2 you bloody did as I distinctly have memories of a certian 8 1/2 month pregnant lady putting in a new shower & tiling the bloody bathroom!!!

You have selective memory.

Where are these pics - you seem to be neglecting little Paul - where are the pictures of my little namesake?