Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hopefully I will be able to post a picture on Monday of Holden number three!! I have a scan at last to find out my dates.

For the last two days I have been able to eat and have been enjoying my food not throwing it back up!

This may all change! onem min I am fine but the next you know... It makes working really fun! You suddenly see Lorna leave her desk and not come back for a while... in fact we are so busy at the moment they proablby don't even notice I've left my desk, or that I've come back a little lighter.

We now need to find someone to convert our loft so if their is any one out there reading who can do this let me know!

We have room for another one but we need space for all the damm toys... I may have brought too many at christmas .... but in my defense I thought me and Paula would be in business now and that we could have transfered them all by now.. but the place we wanted has just been sold!!! Not impressed!!

I did whilst looking for a business property find a nice 5 bedroom house in Hart Village may have to look into upping our mortgage if we can't extend the loft...hmmmm...... not sure I wanna live in Hart thought has too many memories! Although I would be near my good friend Janet!

Anyway must get on with some work now


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woot said...

Okay - I have a couple of points...

1) you spent to much at Christmas and bought millions of toys because you are totally over excitable when it comes to Christmas and always go over the top!
2) We can't be in business anyway cause you got knocked up
3) We notice - we just ignore it cause puking is gross - I just make sure I always have gum (which is prefection)/ mints...
4) No you can't live in Har Village anyway and it has fuck all to do with memories. It's only one Chilli Peppers song from my house to yours and that is how it needs to stay. This also means you are not allowed to bugger off to Cambridge!

And yay for Monday and the soon to be pictured little blobby thing!