Sunday, April 22, 2007

Head may explode at any moment!

Ever get the feeling that your head may explode at any moment? you know the one where you have 50 million things to do and you forget your own name, let alone remembering to pick your kids up from the child minder, rememeber to post your speeding fine etc

I finished my uni assignment at like 11:30 the day before it was due in and havent done my DHC homework for like a month!

I need a new head!

a new body!

and a new stress free life!

anyone now where they are let me and possibly Paula know where they are!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

woot said...

Yes if you find a new body place I would like one which is about 5ft 9" and a size 8 to 10 please. My head I will keep but if you could replace my hair with possibly Jennifer Anistons that would be great.

All replacement parts must be in full working order with a complete service history.