Friday, March 02, 2007


Yesterday I was 28! I feel so old!

My birthday didn't start with breakfast in bed or even a lay in, I had no presents to open, no flowers, no special treats, no balloons, and no cake!

I had to buy my own cake and light my own candles and even start the singing of happy birthday!

But it was OK I had had my presents from the girls at work last week as we all went out and danced ourselves stupid except Paula the lightweight!!!

I wasn't expecting much but a lie in would have been nice.

Anyway went to get new lenses for my eyes, wondered around town and got some new underwear for my date that night!!!!

Got home after popping into work to say hi, (got nagged to go out drinking after my date) found my house was clean yeah, went to seaton with the kids and watched the sea which was nice.....then my date cancelled he was ill!!

Oh what now I thought its my birthday surely he can make the effort for day of the year!!!!??? sadly no!!! To ill to come out for dinner with his wife but can eat half a bar of MY BIRTHDAY CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Why does he not learn it was the same last year and the year before that I ALWAYS make an effort to celebrate his birthday and make him feel special!!! WHY, WHY can't he just for once do it for me its only one day!!!

Anyway I went out to dinner and had fun!!!!!

This probably isn't a helpful to my marriage post, but you know when you just need to rant and no ones listening!!!



charlie said...

Well you know what to do for his birthday then dont you?
Sorry it sucked babe, I'm coming over next Friday and we can go out (again) and I even have a belated birthday present for you-which I am hoping you will love.

woot said...

Stuart man, what are you doing?

Are you purposely trying to make your wife feel sad? She needs spoiling every once in a while. And if it's her birthday I don't think taking a little time out of feeling sorry for yourself and "stressed" is to much.

I cannot believe you said you were to ill to go out then ate her birthday present. That was just mean.

You feel well enough to want to go to the cinema tonight I hear? Well you owe Lorna a nice date so you should take her somewhere nice first, then go see something OF HER CHOICE!

The only time you are actually letting Lorna down is times like this. Everyone goes through times when they need help (cept me, I just deny) and need to lean on the other person but you are only to much or letting them down when you don't try and help yourself

You want a life? Go get one. Sitting at home, either eating or playing games on your comps on your own will not help. Go out. You know people. That church bloke will go to movies with you. I will come to Rugby with you (how completely generous of my to sacrifice like that).


Lorna gets upset and frustrated that you do nothing. That you don't make the effort. That you don't seem to care enough o do stuff with her if it doesn't appeal to you EVEN ON HER BIRTHDAY. She goes to watch movies she may not ne overly happy about watching but she watches them because she loves you. You wont even go watch a chick flick with her. t's just selfish and it hurts her.

The was no thought about the whole day. She got up early. She made breakfast. It was a normal day for her. No effort on your behalf to show that it was her birthday.

Do something Man. You don't want to lose her.

woot said...

It's not a comment - it's an essay!

Lorna's Ark said...

I don't wanna be harsh but stu doesnt listen to me when I try to talk to him

woot said...

Its not being harsh if it is true