Sunday, March 25, 2007


Since moving to the north east I have discovered the joy of chips and gravy!!! and now I'm obsessed!!!!

I cant think of anything better than Wentworth Miller covered in chips and gravy!!!!!! mmmmm chips and gravy mmmmm Wentworth

He stars in Prison Break which is so FAB!!! and also I have discovered via your tube he's in Mariah Carey's "we belong together video". Which I'm sorry to inform her but he belongs to me!!!
Me and Jo Jo think he's worth doing!!! I know I shouldnt say that as a married woman but HE'S SO YUMMY!!!! Sorry Stu xxx


charlie said...

I'll stick with chips and gravy thanks- then again if it was Danny Dyer phwoar !!!

woot said...

Danny Dyer is gross. But then, so is that wentworth bloke she is wittering about.

Mind you, I agree with the chips and gravy...