Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Princess for a day

Friday 22nd December I was a princess for a day!

I bitched and moaned at Paula all week as I did not want to go "shopping" on the last Friday before Christmas. Words to the effect of "stupid muppet why wait so long????" and "My only day off and she wants to go bloody shopping"!!! Etc etc

Well first of all it was cold and we sat in the train stop cafe drinking tea waiting for Charlie. Then when she arrived we went for breakfast at the square kitchen cafe.

Then me and Charlie had 10:00 snack, (Paula didnt want cake shes too thin for cake!!) after which we brought me some new shoes!

Then we went to "change Paula's spa appointment" 3 glorious hours later I was facialed, nailed, and haircutted.

Then I get home and my houser has been cleaned by people!!

THEN my Husband talks me out for dinner.

I have the best friends!!!

Christmas dinner

well it was fab I didnt cook it this year miss Bell did!! It was so yummy my tummy hurt but I kept eating!!! Noah's first christmas, we had way to many toys but it was great.

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woot said...

Then you ate a huge mound of xmas pudding which I had expertly set on fire!!!