Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ok my turn for silly quiz!

Answer the following I will score you on your answers!

1. How many children do I want?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 8

2. What is my favourite type of chocolate?
a) Cadbury
b) Galaxy
c) Tesco value

3. What do I like to do when not cleaning up after my messy family?
a) Chill with my mates
b) Clean some more
c) Eat Choclate, Pizza and Cake (all at once)
(oh a toughie chose your answers carefully)

4. Which is my favourite Christmas song?
a) Last Christmas by Wham
b) Do they know it Christmas? by Band Aid the 1st time round
c) Merry Christmas everyone by Shakin Stevens

5. What do I love the most about Christmas?
a) My childhood memories
b) My children's faces when they see the presents
c) Giving my friends gifts and seeing them smile

Ok lets see what you really know Paula Bell and Cheeky Charlie!


charlie said...

Cheeky Charlie -My mum calls me that!

Ok I know nothing about you but I'll have a go

1.b (but I'd prefer it if you stayed at 2 for a while please-I like none pregnant Lorna)

2. a,b,c, erm...all of the above. I like Tesco Value dark chocolate-yummy!

3. c

4.c, total cheese fest of Christmas

5.b (you really love those kids of yours)

Hmmm, must put quizzy thing on my blog

woot said...

1. 4. Unless you become rich enough to adoopt all the worlds poor, sick, unloved or neglected children in which case you would have them too.

2. Cadburys though you will shovel gobwards any chocolate that is near you.

3. All of the answers are correct. You like to clean, chill, eat chocs, pizza and ice cream and them you get to clean up all the rubbish charlie and I have sattered round because, well lets face it, we aint gonna do it!

4. No smegging idea but am gonna go with Wham as you were listening to it the other day.

woot said...

Ooops - missed the fifth q.

5. Erm, I'm gonna say the kids face thing cause you're weird like that.