Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My little loved up baby!!!

All say ahhhhh my little baby Paula bear is loved up! and she has good reason...
She has met the fabest man ever. Its like her male equivalent, he's just like her, mad, insane and completely funny although not good at telling jokes!!!! he he.

Guess I'm gonna have to start sharing her again now!!!!! Oh well at least she's all mine tues and weds for the next 5 weeks yeah! And I get her Christmas day which I can't wait for me and Paula trying to cook Christmas dinner for my family and hers after a few drinks...... burnt stuffing anyone????

Anyway best go am meant to be hoovering at work..... byeee


charlie said...

Its so cute-loved up Paula!

charlie said...

Evil fate gods, don't mess this one up. I can't bear to see my dear lovley Paula get hurt.

woot said...

Can we not. I have only know him a few days!!!

I knew I shouldnt have mentioned anything to you two - you will never stop going on about it will you!!!

It's not bloody cute!

Oki - I am now putting a ban on talking about my love life on the net - no more!!!