Saturday, July 29, 2006


Why is it that they never tell you, your body will stop working properly after you have babies!!!????
I know, I know, I brought it on myself but I am still allowed to moan as this is my blog and I can write what I like! (Hey, Bell it wasn't copy written so I can steal your idea!)
I have to go to my hospital appointment on 16th Aug to follow up why I was in A&E. Pretty stupid really as I was in A&E cause I was in pain, yet my appoinment is like 4 weeks away! What am I meant to do in the mean time???? Can't get drugged up cause I have two kids to look after!

Anyway Kelly has FINALLY.... gone into labour! and should be having her little boy anytime...I call him little boy cause she hasn't decided on a name yet!!! I mean how long does she need!! She's had 9 months!
Mind, I can talk Noah was Matthew David til he was born, then we took one look at him and decided it had to be Noah and not baby Holden as he was known in the hospital!
He's trying to walk!! He's only just mastered crawling!!! I mean hes only 5 1/2 months!!!! He should still stay where you put him down!!

(Have just noticed this post is full of !!!!!!)

Have just heard of killing in Lebanon and have to stop complaining immediately about my life as they just brought out a ONE DAY old baby killed by a bomb and it was buried in a mass grave!!!! SHOCKING!! (two ticks have to go kiss my children!).....

Ok better now but I can't believe how messed up this world is! They are kids who don't ask for any of this pointless fighting!
I hope they get it sorted soon so no more people have to die, I feel guilty sitting here in the sun and enjoying myself when they are fighting for their lives...wish I could help!

I love this picture! She looks so cheeky! I wish she was like this all the time!

Also love this one of Noah! You haven't had any picture's for a while!
Anyway best be off have dishes to do a womans work is never done!!

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woot said...

Broken bodies? I can relate to that and I have no children to blame it on. Can I blame it on yours?

You steal all my stuff...

You can get drugged up, the kids will be fine if you just sit on the sofa in a drugged up haze.

Or not. Remember, my advice is generally rubbish.

Yay Kelly's baby. Jacob is a nice name. I've just realised, I renamed Faith but I haven't renamed Noah. Must start thinking of a name for him...